F. M. Johnson

Let the writer in me touch the reader in you...

Words are so very powerful...

     Spoken, written, read and contemplated, words are full of power. They can edify and uplift, urge us on to victory, or drive us to disaster. Words, even when spoken only to ourselves, can bring peace and contentment. They can also incite us to the most horrifying of actions.

     Words can cheer us up or bring us down; inspire courage and with equal ability, fear. Our words can cause harm; actual damage, to others. They can also cause great joy.

     It all depends on the words we choose, the very words we use.

     It is my earnest hope, my most sincere wish, to use my words for you. I write to entertain you and to motivate you. To expand your thoughts, and cause you to examine the secret desires of your heart. 

     I write to move your spirit, to stir your imagination, to prompt you to question your own beliefs, and to encourage you to reach for more.

Elder Florence M. Johnson

(F. M. Johnson)

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue."

(Proverbs 18:21)